Seido UK Tournament 2017

With nearly 250 competitors over a two day event and 400 spectators we were hard pushed to cope on two of the hottest days of year but our referees, judges and officials did a first class job at the High Wycombe Judo Centre on the weekend of the 17 and 18 June. Nearly 30 supporters and competitors joined us from Seido Poland and although this was not an international event, we had over 20 nationalities competing.

Seido Bucks Team

Day one was for the adults and junior black belts and not only included point fighting but full contact events. We saw a great display of skills and there were no incidents for the medical team to cope with other than the odd bruise. Day two was for the Seido children and they were split in to team in order to encourage interaction. We saw great enthusiasm throughout the day which ended with club demonstrations and one bout of our junior against the monster in the FIST suit.

Seido Tournament 2017 – Full Contact Winners

We had fantastic support and the competitors showed the greatest respect for each other and judges and officials fully reflecting our Seido philosophy.

This tournament we used new technology showing live scoring on our screens which really changed the strategy of the fighters and was great for the crowd to see exactly what was happening during the bouts. It was a real success. Our next major tournament is planned for 2019 when we aim to hold an international event but our thanks go to everyone who made this 2 day event such a success.

Best wishes,

Sei Shihan Roger

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