Bede Brosnahan

Kyoshi Bede started karate in 1983 in Timaru New Zealand and later moved to Christchurch where he took promotion for black belt in 1991.

He moved to England in 1997 and took over running of the Chiswick dojo in 2004 with Sensei Matt Sherratt.

Since that time he has worked with Sensei Matt and his instructors to continue to build the Chiswick dojo to one of the strongest dojos in the UK where the development of students really matter. For example, the Chiswick programme developing students under 18 years old has already produced some fine young black belts as well adult black belts who have made significant contributions to Seido Karate in the UK.

Kyoshi Bede uses his skills both as a fine Karate instructor and man concerned with getting the best out of his students to real effect and is very well respected.

Originally a school teacher and rugby coach, Bede is now a director of a company Gazing Performance Systems which specialises in improving performance under pressure in the areas of sport, business and education. The company trains people in over 60 countries and clients include major multi national blue chip companies, government departments and leading sporting organisations. He has worked with a number of world champion athletes in a variety of sports.

Kyoshi Bede oversees the teaching of the adult programme in Chiswick. He has an engaging sense of humour and teaches in a relaxed and friendly manner which brings out the best in his students.