Seido UK Gashaku November 2018

UK came together at Jun Shihan Brandt’s new dojo in Putney to train and enjoy meeting old friends and making new ones.
At 9 a.m. sharp Sei Shihan Roger opened the event in a packed dojo including all ages of Seido. General training lasted an hour before the students split into groups and worked on Seido drills under their instructors. There was great energy in the dojo as the kiais resounded around the the roof in the spacious training hall.

Jun Shihan Brandt then led a session on close in fighting and the students got the chance to put their skills to the test . It was almost over too soon as Seido Shihan Roger closed the event by presenting embroidered belts to Kari Shodan black belts having been confirmed by their Heads of Dojo as fully meriting them after a year of supporting their own dojos.

Sei Shihan was also able to present his embroidered belt to Senpai Shaurya Arun newly arrived from our Seido dojo in Delhi. Shaurya is currently living in Coventry and studying but seeking to train regularly at our London Chiswick dojo.

Finally Sei Shihan announced those candidates who are eligible to take promotion in 2019 for all levels of black belt. Seniors were were Sensei Mark Eade to take 5th dan; Senpai Scott Munro to take 4th dan and Senpai Patrice Munroe to take 3rd dan. The Munroes are currently running our newly opened dojo in France and so will be expected to travel to Honbu in the New Year with Sensei Mark to try for promotion under Kaicho and Nidaime. Good luck to all candidates. You have a demanding but fulfilling road ahead.

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