Covid 19 Advice


Dear Seido students and families,

I write to update you on how Seido Bucks is approaching the challenges of Covid 19. Of course we are following the staged government advice.

Seido SW and Seido Dover have chosen to close all their dojos mirroring Chiswick’s approach. This weekend Seido London Karate Do will follow suit. It will come as no surprise that here in Bucks we shall also be suspending all classes after this coming weekend. That is to say the last classes before this enforced break will be at Tylers Green on Sunday 22nd March. Please note that we still intend to proceed with the children’s grading on Saturday 21st March although the kata tournament in April will be postponed until a later date.

There is a strong feeling among all our senior instructors that this is a time for us all to pull together and support each other and our dojo’s. Over the coming week we aim to put forward a package of initiatives whereby we can continue to train ( either outdoors, individually or remotely), promote good health and encourage well-being among all our community in what are extremely challenging and difficult times. For example, our nutritional expert, Senpai Dave Titman is going to publish advice on eating healthily to build up our immune systems and recommend recipes for us all to follow.  It is important to create a positive atmosphere at a time where gloom and doom seems to be proclaimed from every corner.

We are currently updating the Seido Bucks website ( so that we can relay any important information and in the meantime I would recommend that you (and students from all our UK dojos) join our ( private) Facebook page “ Seido Karate Bucks Dojo’s” for all our updates and advice.

If you have to stay at home during a viral quarantine then do let your instructor know so that we may support you. Kyoshi Stuart, our expert on fitness training, can also offer you advice to  keep you and your loved ones in shape as you recover.

One of Kaicho’s meditation talks is called Konnan Hiyaku. Faced with difficulty, jump up, mature. Think rather of faced with opportunity use your mental and spiritual strength to attack the problems. We have the opportunity not only to take care for ourselves but to help others. The overwhelming majority will get through this and be stronger for it. Please use your strength and Seido spirit not only to take care for yourself but to take care of others.

Do get in touch with Kyoshi Stuart, Kyoshi Stephen or your dojo head if you have any questions about any of the above. Also look at the NAKMAS website for sensible advice: www.

Sei Shihan Roger Thyer-Jones

Branch Chief UK WSKO

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