Black Belt Promotions 2014

What a great day for new Shodans, Dave Austin, David Bryant, James Hallam, Thessa Van Der Kyup and new Sandans, Mark Cartlidge, Brian Massey and Dario Crispini. The dojo was packed with supporters. The Sandan grading started at 6.30 am under examiners Jun Shihans Roger Thyer-Jones and Brandt Letich, Kyoshi Mike Knight and observer, Kyoshi Stephen Fincham. The candidates all agreed that it was a most positive experience for them.

Sandan Grading Group 2014

At 10.00 am the Shodan candidates started their grading under Kyoshi Matt Sherratt and Kyoshi Aaron Mackintosh finally completing their 40 fights at the end of the 3 hour promotion. Said Jun Shihan Roger, ” I was really pleased with the standard of preparation, technique and spirit shown by all candidates on the day. Their instructors are to be congratulated for the sound preparation.”

Shodan Group 2014

Well done and congratulations to you all and thanks to all black belts and kyu grades for your strong support on the day. Osu !

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