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It is very simple to start with Seido Karate and all our dojos are run on similar lines but of course with their own unique approach. We all use the same Seido syllabus which is comprehensive so you can train anywhere and not feel different.

All our instructors are have been checked with the Disclosure and Barring Service and are First Aid trained. We offer a FREE introductory lesson and you are automatically insured when you complete the pre training questionnaire for this.

We Care. Difference doesn’t mean deficit and men, women and children have found Seido becoming an important part of their lives not only for the feeling of confidence you get from expert tuition but the friends you can make at the dojo. So why not try a lesson with us just:

Select the dojo that is convenient for you. Just click the “Contact Us” tab above to access it.
Contact the dojo head, they will provide you with all the necessary information for you to start – including any introductory offers.

Or you can get the address of the dojo, look at the training schedule and go along and watch a class before you try a lesson.
If you have any problems with contacting one of our Heads of Dojo then I will help you so just e-mail me or contact me on: 01494 565341.

Seido karate is an ancient art of modern living.

Best wishes for your future training. Osu!

Roger Thyer-Jones Seido UK Branch Chief