Jon Yorke

Kyoshi Jon Yorke has been studying Seido Karate since late 1989, and has trained in Seido dojos in USA, Australia and Japan. He has studied at the Seido Headquarters in New York under Kaicho Nakamura and Kaicho gave special permission for him to take his 4th Dan examination in the UK under Jun Shihan Roger on 21st July 2010

He began studying Karate in 1981 under Jun Shihan Roger and Kyoshi Mike Knight in a style in Dover called Zen Shin Ryu, He studied there for a number of years until the club disbanded. After this he trained in judo for couple of years until he began training in Seido.

Jon have been in a relationship with girlfriend Donna for 12 years and opened a Seido dojo in Padstow where he built up both adult and children’s classes. He has arranged and hosted excellent Beach Training weekends in the beautiful surroundings on Padstow where his guests from the the UK and Germany have joined him in the sea! For personal reason Jon has returned to Dover and now heads the Dover Dojo

Jon obviously looks at the study of Seido Karate as an important part of his life but he also very much enjoys cycling, running, surfing, reading, and walking his dog Beau.

Sensei Jon is a natural teacher. He has a ready smile and a welcome for all his students and cares about them. He leads from the front and his enthusiasm for training encourages so many others. He has competed in many tournaments and won medals in both free fighting and kata excelling at what he does.

For all this, he is modest about his achievements and always looking to further develop his own skills and share them on to his students.

His message to students is:

”No matter what you are doing in life, where ever you are, Seido Karate and what it teaches you is never far away. Life changes, but just go with it.