Roger Thyer-Jones

Principal Fighting Arts and Self protection instructor, Roger Thyer-Jones previously headed Immigration Intelligence Liaison working against immigration related organised crime before he retired to focus on teaching martial arts full-time.

With a strong Judo foundation, over the past 40 years he has trained in a wide variety of karate styles, including the use of weapons where in younger days he won the UK Weapons Championship.

He is currently a 6th Degree Black belt and UK Branch Chief of the World Seido Karate Organisation and has trained and examined over 100s of black belts.

He regularly trains himself in New York under Kaicho (Grand Master) Nakamura 9th Degree black belt, one of the top karate instructors in the world today.

Even at the age of 60 years old, Roger competed in the World Seido Karate Organisation Free fighting event held in Nagoya Japan, fighting his way through to the quarter finals in the Mens middle-heavyweight division and placing third in the Masters Weapons event. His enthusiasm for improving all aspects of his life is infectious.

Sei Shihan Roger has taught self defence and karate to Army recruits in Dover and has taught martial arts in Jamaica, New Zealand , Hong Kong, the USA. Germany and Poland. He is a sought after instructor with much to offer.

Roger is qualified in First Aid, has CRB clearance specifically for teaching young persons and takes the lead in the development of our self protection programmes.

He introduced Karate and Self Protection and Awareness programmes to over 30 schools in Buckinghamshire and has given lectures at prestigious schools such as Eton and Harrow as well as teaching at a wide variety of schools with a varied mix of students including those with special needs. He has also developed special programmes for the blind and visually impaired.

He has written articles on karate and teaching impaired students and has written his autobiography, Dogs on the Runway, detailing his fascinating life which includes working in Immigration, dealing with immigration related organised crime, working with the security and intelligence services against traffickers and representing the UK in Brussels. He also deals with the challenges of a testing childhood and the early days of raising three sons with his wife whilst living and working in Jamaica.

It was in Jamaica that in 1980 he started training in Seido karate at the dojo in Kingston renowned for its tough fighters. On leaving Jamaica in 1983 he was invited to take his black belt and during the gruelling tests had his arm broken by a side kick. He strapped it up and continued to fight his way through to the end finally being awarded his 1st Degree Black belt. Since then Roger has made many trips to Jamaica and maintains a close relationship with Jun Shihan Tony Robinson, Branch Chief and many of the senior instructors and has a real love of Jamaica and its people.

Roger teaches privately in his own fully equipped studio where he is able to put together programmes that vary from students going to live and work abroad who need to upgrade their skills, to those who need more depth instruction. He teaches in a relaxed and friendly manner and his students are assured to improve their skills. Age and condition are not important and difference doesn’t mean deficit.

He regularly attends course for self development and uses his wide range of skills and knowledge, including investigations into organised crime and his service both overseas in the Diplomatic Service and at the European Commission in Brussels, to enhance courses.

Sei Shihan Roger says ” Seido Karate undoubtedly will influence your life for the good. I have seen so many students change positively over the years through changes in their attitude to themselves and others. It is not just about making tough people tougher. It is about setting high standards and keeping to them. It is about caring for our students and showing them that they matter It is about polishing your character. Yes you will improve your self defence and awareness skills. Yes you will become more confident and be fitter. Yes you will train with people from all walks of life where difference doesn’t matter. But most of all, we expect that you will use your skills and knowledge to give back to others. This is the true meaning of Karate. Best wishes for your future training and if you fall down seven times, get up eight times. Osu !”.