Beach Training 2019

Seido Micklefield and Seido Bucks had a fantastic day at Shell Bay near Bournemouth on Saturday 13th July 2019. With an early start, the coach picked up the majority of students and their parents at 6.00 am!

The weather was amazing, and as in life, with every misfortune comes opportunity. The chain ferry which links Bournemouth to shell bay was broken, meaning an extra 25 minutes journey around Poole harbour. The upside – the beach was empty and we had probably the most beautiful beach in England all to ourselves.

An advance party had set up the beach with Seido banners, cordoned off with a large rope (which was later to be used for tug of war). The beach was raked and looked pristine, just in time for the coach that arrived promptly at 9.30.

A few students travelled directly by car and we were delighted that two families from Seido London (Chiswick) were also able to join us. There was just one late arrival, with great entrance Senpai Rob emerged over the sand dunes all the way from Seido South West – everyone cheered!

After the beach was checked by the students who removed the 1000’s of sharp shells from the training area, proceedings were soon started by Kyoshi Stuart (who had already decided on an early dip in the sea just to check the temperature – a professional to the end!!!).

Some of the students had never trained on a beach before, soon found the moving sand under their feet created another training dimension and challenge to overcome. The Sandan’s took the warm up and Senpai Mark led a session of basic blocks, kicks and punches. The techniques where superb, but the ability for students to count to 45 in Japanese was all too much, meaning a few push ups were undertaken by the group when the count wasn’t quite correct.

After a long needed water break, Kyoshi Stuart took the group, moving quickly into the sea. Katas, Mawashi Geri’s, push ups and sit ups, soon had all students laughing and thoroughly enjoying karate like you can when training at the beach.

Senpai Jack as national welfare officer, took his job very seriously, removing any child that started to shiver, carrying them out of the sea and placing them gently on the beach (when he wasn’t looking they would all run back into the sea – such naughty students)

Following the antics (I mean serious beach training), Kyoshi settled everyone for meditation; the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore was very special, the early start and any life worries soon fading away.

Following the bows and a group photo in the sea, the parents were waiting with warm towels on the beach and everyone headed for lunch. The beach was scattered with students and parents in red t-shirts, all sporting the Seido logo. After a busy morning it was lovely to reflect on such tranquillity.
It didn’t take long for Senpai Mark to start the ‘rally cry’ for family beach games. The first event was tug-of war, a 30-metre rope was soon being pulled backward and forward across the beach. Senpai Jack, Marcus, Rob, and Nathan were the team captains. Thank goodness for Senpai Rob, he helped his team with his little finger, bringing his team for a round one win (must be the most powerful little finger in Seido). Despite Senpai Rob’s efforts, Senpai Nathan’s team where the ultimate champions.

After a short break the volleyball net was erected. Four more teams where gathered, even a girls team lead by Sensei Karen took to the beach ‘girl power’ we heard them shout…….

The last family events of the day were the sandcastle competition, best-improvised hat and best sunglasses soon brought an end to the afternoon.
The beach was then strewn with clouds of smoke from the make shift bbq’s, simple burgers, polish sausages and ornate creations of meat and vegetable skewers, all washed down with ice cold beers and ciders from the cool boxes (the adults having only soft drinks of course).

The day seem to just fly by and as everyone wearily made there way to the coach, the sun was still streaming down. What a wonderful day – Osu !!!

Senpai Mark Terry

Watch this space for further details of next year’s beach training, which will certainly be repeated………..

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