Seido UK

Chief instructor Sei Shihan Roger Thyer-Jones opened his first Dojo in Hughenden Valley in July 1985. Roger had one student, Stuart Wilson who has stayed with Seido all those years and is now a 6th Degree black belt and head of our Tylers Green dojo.

Roger’s philosophy when he began the club is the same as it is now. He has never been concerned with how many students are training, but that students are serious minded individuals whose aim is self improvement. Seido students seek to give back their strengths and skills to the community in order to make our world a better and safer place to live.

Seido UK has grown considerably since those early days, we now have clubs in the Hughenden Valley, Great Kingshill, Aylesbury Vale, Lacey Green, Tylers Green, Mickelfield, Chiswick, South West London, Dover, Somerset, and Cheshire.

In that time hundreds of students have passed through our doors, many of whom are still with us and still training hard.

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