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Welcome to Seido Karate

Welcome to the UK branch of the World Seido Karate Organisation. Our branch chief is Roger Thyer-Jones (Sei Shihan, senior 6th) dan)

Seido supports Anti-Bullying Campaign- See News

Sei Shihan's reflections on 2016 and 2017

2017 calendar of events

Here is our Go-En video - take a look

An introductory video of Seido Karate

Seido is a traditional style of karate, formed on 15th October 1976 by Tadashi Nakamura. Since then Seido has grown substantially, with clubs in many countries, including seven in the United Kingdom. UK headquarters are in High Wycombe and are lead by Roger Thyer-Jones (Jun Shihan, 6th dan).

Seido karate stresses above all the philosophy that karate should teach 'Technique before Strength, Spirit before Technique'. If you train with us, you will undoubtedly become stronger and develop sound karate technique, but most of all, Seido aims to build students with a strong spirit and attitude towards karate, and life. This 'non-quitting' spirit is a modern interpretation of the bushido (martial way) of the Japanese samurai.

Seido provides a structured environment for learning karate. The discipline and etiquette of a Japanese-based martial art creates a serious and respectful atmosphere in the dojo, and yet there is a genuine friendliness between students. If you feel you would like to visit us, please come and join in and give it a go - or simply watch a class. We look forward to having you along!

Newcomers classes start throughout the year so why not contact your local dojo to discuss starting with us. Just click on the Contact tab above to locate the instructor, telephone number and dojo location. We hope to see you soon.


Take a look at this introductory video and learn more about Seido Karate.

Dojo Heads
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Kaicho Nakamura 9th dan, Founder of Seido KarateSei Shihan Roger Thyer-Jones 6th danJun Shihan Brandt 6th dan, Fulham DojoKyoshi Stuart Wilson 5th dan, Tylers Green DojoKyoshi Stephen Fincham 5th dan, Aylesbury Vale DojoKyoshi Jonathon Yorke 5th dan, Dover Dojo